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Who is Phash'Comm?

Phash'Comm Media Entertainment (Pty) Ltd is a diversified communications, media and entertainment company. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mapudi Phasha Investment Holdings Pty Ltd, (MPIH). Phash’Comm Media Entertainment was established following the consolidation of various communications, media and entertainment assets of MPIH.

About Phash'Comm.

The company's core business activities are in the communications sector of the economy, which includes the following industries:

The company is a convergent communications, media and entertainment group that packages, produces, delivers high quality content and provides superior services in the sectors in which it operates. It constantly strive to be the best in what it does.

Core Business

Phash’Comm Media Entertainment creates, develops, manages, exploits, produces, markets, promotes, distributes and sells intellectual property products, productions and projects of its own and also others on behalf of their owners.

One of its major strengths is innovation. This feature differentiates it from other companies operating in its sectors.